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27 February 2011 @ 02:03 pm
So... I'm sure most people who might read this have heard of the earth quake that hit Christchurch, here in New Zealand. So far there's over 150 fatalities with hundreds still missing. The quake struck (is that the right word for it?) in the middle of the day, in the middle of the city when the effects would be most devastating. Buildings collapsed and people were killed. One building they gave up looking for survivors even though they knew there was supposed to be at least 100 people in there (not so much gave up, more moved to sites where there was a likely chance of finding survivors first).

Thankfully, I don't live in Christchurch or the surrounding areas  (did up until about 2 years ago!) but I have friends and family who do and they're devastated. Thousands of homes and buildings have either been completely destroyed or are now uninhabitable,

Some photos taken after can be viewed here.

Livejournal has released a charitable v-gift so please, if you can spare the change (US$3), please purchase this gift to help our country.

It's terrifying and so so sad. And if anything breaks your heart today it will be the following picture:

(Fifteen-year-old Kent Manning, left, and his sister Libby, 18, react with their father, who asked not to identified, after they were told by police that there was no hope of finding Kent and Libby's mother alive in a collapsed building following a 6.3-magnitude earthquake Tuesday, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011.)

23 February 2011 @ 04:59 pm
Ok so I've been very busy lately and completely abandoned my journal and friends! I'm sorry.

I have to go somewhere tonight but I have a day off on friday (wednesday arvo here) so I promise I will visit everyones journals and post a proper entry! I've just put 1 year of paid time on my account here so I really have no excuse right?!

Hope everyone is well =)
09 February 2011 @ 12:49 pm
So I got a new tattoo last night. Which looks terrible because it's over scars that are from when I was an angsty teenager. That and whenever he dabbed it to get rid of excess ink, all the ink would come out and he'd have to go over it all again. Apparently my arm skin doesn't like to be tattooed. Oh well =) It's not quite as uneven as the photo looks because it hasn't been washed completely at the time I took the picture and it's going to have to be gone over again once it's healed thanks to the scars but shit happens =) I was too lazy to get out of bed to take a picture.

And here is a tiny video of my lovebird, Shiloh. He has real issues with my old WoW authenticator and goes mental as soon as he sees it. He's so funny and so entirely evil.

I watched Inception the other day (I'm slack, I know) and I loved it. It's confusing for me though as Joel disagrees with the way it ended with what I think happens. But I'm pretty sure I'm right. Oh well.

Right now (or once the Jeremy Kyle show has finished!) I'm watching Up in the Air. Hopefully it's good. Going to miss Jeremy Kyle though once I start my course :( I'm so nervous, the 14th is way too close.

Anyway I'm boring and going to find lunch and stuff and then I'll visit people's ljs becase it's been a while and I'm so terribly slack, I'm sorry!
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28 January 2011 @ 09:02 pm
I'm so embarrassed but I have to admit it: I just cried watching the most recent episode of Jersey Shore. I have issues.

(I'll drop by everyones journals either later tonight or tomorrow by the way)
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27 January 2011 @ 09:14 pm
You know what's more tiring than buying close to 800 dvds? Cataloguing (is that a word? Idk.) nearly 800 dvds. After realising a few of my dvds appeared to be missing a couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed to keep some sort of list of them. So I got a really awesome program named Delicious Library and pulled every dvd off the shelf and painstakingly typed in each name and oh my god, I almost want to kill myself now but at least it's done. It's a really awesome program by the way... if you're in America or UK or Europe. Not *as* cool in NZ where the isight function doesn't worked because it's not localised for our barcodes. (In those places you just hold it up to the isight/camera and it automatically adds it to the library.)

Another thing that's kept me busy the past few days is the little terrors pictured below.

They are Maya and Jakob, aged 10 and 7. I've been babysitting as my sister is a nurse on nightshift the past couple of days and it's still summer holidays. They're coming again tonight which means a very early morning. Jakob likes to get up at 6am and go on the playhouse disney website with the sound on loud and the kids computer is in my study :/ Oh well, it keeps him busy.

Yesterday he was insisting everyone call him Willy Wonka and wouldn't respond to his name. The day before that he was Lenny and apparently Lenny doesn't wear glasses (some character from a game)... though I managed to convince him that Willy Wonka does. Strange kid.

Tomorrow we might take the dogs to the lake if its hot enough so that should be fun =)

Here's some photos from Charlie's birthday =) I baked the cake and cupcakes (did I mention that a few posts ago? Idk) though I didn't put the ugly ass candle or toys on the main cake. I bought a candle that was pretty and green and blue and matched the cake perfectly but apparently my parents left it in the boot of the car on the way up and it melted in the heat -_-

Oh and Sarah posted this message to my mothers facebook for all to see.

Hey Sharron, just wanted to say thanks for having me. I appreciate everything you and Howard have done for me but i just couldn't take Annas nastiness anymore. I left the key on the unit just inside the door.
Talk soon, lots of love

So hilarious. I was never rude or mean to her. She was supposed to be my friend and last time I checked, you aren't nasty to your friends... all I honestly did was ask her to do dishes twice a week. She's ridiculous. And always the victim. I really can't stand people who play the victim ALL THE TIME.
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25 January 2011 @ 12:54 pm
So an update on the friend situation ... on saturday she went and told my mother she was moving out the next day to go flatting with someone. She didn't though. I guess because it was pouring with rain for like 4 days. She continued eating our food (even though she told my mum that she bought her own food and that it's my fault she's moving out) and apparently spent the past few days catching up on her downloading judging by the speed our net has been going and the huge rise in our bandwidth usage.

Anyway I made a little roster and printed it off with her on two days, my brother on two and myself and Joel on three. I stuck it on the fridge and this morning sent her a mail via facebook saying "dishes roster is on the fridge, starts on the 14h of feb", seeing as it became apparent that she wasn't moving out.

Just now, I went out to the lounge to let Joel inside and there's boxes of all her things. I guess that means she's going today, hahaha.

I really cannot understand the logic of some people. Doing dishes twice a week and paying $100 for everything OR flatting, paying more than $100 in rent, doing dishes every single day, paying food, power, phone, internet AND having to do things like mop floors, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms etc etc etc. Like seriously, I don't know who she thinks does these things here (it's me apart from the upstairs bathroom - our house is weird... All the bedrooms are upstairs apart from mine and Me and Joel have our own bathroom downstairs) but she's going to get a real frikking wake up call when she realises they don't do themselves.

[edit] she's gone. AND she removed me from her facebook. Lolz. Good times.
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21 January 2011 @ 11:59 pm
So apparently the Friend I posted about a few entries ago (boards with us for $100 and does nothing) told me she's going to move out. Like, honestly?

Here's how it happened. Today I confirmed my enrollment in fulltime study at the local err... polytech. Which is great and I'm hella excited because unemployment is boring. Anyway....

Friend comes into my room and we're talking about it and she's like "Yay now you won't have to do the dishes anymore" and I'm just like Errr they're not going to do themselves. And she's like "Yeah but you won't be able to get bitched at about it" and I'm like, Oh well, I'm making a chore chart anyway so we can all take turns with dishes. She says "Are you including me in this?" and I'm like, of course you live here dont you?

This starts a big fight... why should she clean up after other people and she pays board and rah rah rah and why can't my parents do their own dishes? And I'm like, do you seriously think $100 covers everything you use and have here? And she starts in with saying she buys most of her food (like what? seriously? This Friend is... large... to say the least. And while I'm no Twiggy myself, mine is laziness. Hers is a combination of laziness and major overeating. She seriously eats a HUGE amount of food... like, combine what my 19 year old boyfriend and my nearly 20 year old brother eat and she still eats more and they're two growing teenage boys :P. She cooks scrambled eggs in a freaking bowl you use for baking a double cake mix. Like, seriously.) I just can't get over that statement.... (we buy Dominos Pizza for dinner and it's 1 pizza for me and Joel to share, 1 pizza, 1 garlic bread and 1 chips for her....) GAH

Anyway, it ends with me saying I really don't understand why my parents should have to do dishes when there's 4 other *adults* living here who they're pretty much supporting and she walks out saying she'll find somewhere else to live (where she'd have to do dishes anyway, wtf?) Good riddance, I'm over it. Some people need to grow up... it's not like doing dishes is equal to running a marathon and it'd only be every 3rd day o.O

I watched Black Swan today also and omg, it was awesome. I loved it. It was crazy, psychotic and confusing and so insanely beautiful and sad and wow, people should watch it. Granted, it wasn't the most exciting movie but I guess when you're watching a movie about ballet, you don't really expect huge thrills :P
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19 January 2011 @ 07:42 pm
I'm going to be really dorky and ask... does anyone know a good epal/penpal comm? I want an... email friend. Because I'm cool like that :D And bored. Blah.

Apparently Joel and I might be going down to Taranaki in a week or so -_- I really don't want to... and I could make him go alone but I really dont want to be away from him for more than like, a day, ya know (it's times like this I really feel for people doing the long distance thing... I couldn't imagine anything more painful).

He has a specialist appointment at the hospital down there and if we try to change it to Rotorua at this point, he'd have to go back on a waiting list so it makes sense to travel and then change the address for future appointments if he needs any. But blah.... I hate Taranaki. It's dull and his family make me feel so awkward.

I'll drop by journals later tonight I think. I've been a snob lately and not responded to comments also :/
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17 January 2011 @ 09:37 pm
I really should post more but I haven't had so much to say lately.

A couple of days ago Fluff died =( I don't really know why, I guess there was just too much wrong with it.. I was weighing it each day and it's weight never changed which is a hugely bad sign anyway. So we had a little funeral for it which was hilarious and sad at the same time. I'm sure our neighbours thought we were mental singing Amazing Grace at the top of our lungs.

Today is my niece Charlotte's first birthday so Happy Birthday Charlie <3 (obligatory picture incoming and yes, that is her)

I also finally got working batteries for the camera so I decided to be a dork and take a few photos... then I was special and added them to iPhoto, deleted them from the camera and can't figure out how to get them out of iPhoto again, lolz. I'm special. (I take it back, I figured it out now herp derp).

Photos below =)Collapse )

Anyway, I'm off to play singstar with Sarah (Friend)... once we're done I'll visit journals =) Hope everyones having a good week so far!
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11 January 2011 @ 10:14 pm
Ok, so I haven't abandoned. I've just been a very busy girl. Yesterday we got a few visitors... the notable one being my grandmother and 2 young cousins, Star and Zenton. My grandmother says "We came to give you a present" and Star holds out her hand to me and in it is a scrawny little almost featherless button quail baby.

Button quails, almost as soon as they're hatched, are very mobile and "fluffy". This one, however, had been abandoned by it's mother, probably because it couldn't walk or anything. It's amazing it didn't die before they found it because quail babys are known for dying within 5-10 minutes of being away from a mother birds body heat.

Anyway, I kept it, shoved it's face in food and water every hour or so and this afternoon, while I was trying to find someone who would kill it kindly if it didn't start walking or making some progress within a few days, it decided to get up and walk. It's still very wobbly, very underweight and very non-fluffy but dammit, I'm keeping it alive if I can. I don't expect it to live long but I can try =)

So here is a terrible picture taken with my macbook because I can't find batteries for the camera that aren't flat ... I put a bottle cap in (which has baby bird food in it) for the size comparison =)

I've also been baking =) It's my niece Charlie's 1st birthday on the 17th so today I practised a cake. My grandmother gave me a giant cupcake shaped cake tin for christmas. I don't know if my brother and his partner want a cake but oh well, I can make one to try just in case (and if they want one, I can make a fresh one for the weekend obviously =)

Please excuse the messy messy background - it's all the cake decorating stuff and everything is covered in icing sugar from when I was making the fondant decorations =) The entire thing is a plain vanilla cake, the frosting is buttercream/vegetable fat, the giant sprinkles and *cherry* are fondant and the "cupcake paper" is white chocolate made pink =) It's very messy, I was being quick and lazy with the frosting because the chocolate was melting and I wanted to get it back in the fridge :/ It's just a practise so I could see if the case would work, if the icing sets (its a recipe I've never used before - my go-to frosting is fudge <3 ) and if the cake would go in the case without falling apart =)

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week!
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